Monday, December 10, 2007

I love Bowling!!

It was not long back when I first went to Amoeba, a sports bar that has a bowling alley. I remember being skeptical to walk in there...was sure I was going to make a fool of myself out there :) Somehow convinced myself to participate...thanks to Janta (for those of you who dont know, 'Janta' is my group of friends from engg)...since I knew most of them there also were first-timers :D (ok guys, spare me for this !), I felt a tad bit confident.

I must say my first session was a bit of success in itself. I never even in my wildest of dreams had imagined I could get a clean strike on my first bowling expedition !! Besides the strike, I managed to score a decent total of around 60 I think.

Thus a new story began. I now am addicted to the game. After the first time, been for bowling for 5 times in a matter of just a month!! And I am proud to say am getting better at it...Sure Deepu, DD and Mitra will agree ;) On once occasion, I managed to get 3 strikes and on another, managed one on the last throw (and so my score doubled!!).

Sadly enough, for some reason, I have never been the top scorer :( Not managed to cross the score of 89....and this in itself is enough inspiration to continue to bowl

So watch out Janta...everytime we have a get-together, there will always be a request from me to go bowling!!!!!! And, next time, pl lets click some pictures...I have none to put here.

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