Monday, December 10, 2007

Windows on Linux!

There were a couple of talks on Virtualization on Linux at, one about 'lguest' by none other than Rusty Russell himself and the other on KVM by Amit Shah. Both these talks made the whole concept of virtualization sound so simple...atleast from the user perspective :) I was all inspired to give both a shot.

Thanks to the number of how-tos available, I finally have windows running on my Ubuntu Gutsy installation. With ubuntu, things are ofcourse much more simpler ;) One link that I found quite useful is this.

You might say what is the use of it? Well, there are still a number of sites which unfortunately require IE. Like, BSNL Dataone site to check account usage. Now, I no longer need to boot into windows...just boot into the virtual machine and voila! I can use IE there :)

Qemu & kqemu simply rock! Thanks to the developers for such a wonderful tool.


Puthali said...

hmm, ne reason y u dint try IE with WINE?

Anki said...

hey Puthali,

My main goal was to play around with qemu/kqemu and KVM (esp after listening to talks pertaining to them at And while I was at it, thought would get windows working on Linux :) Infact, there is IEs4Linux which I could use for my purpose!! []