Thursday, February 14, 2008

Linux Scheduler

Currently looking at the realtime Linux scheduler code...oh man! it has changed quite a bit from the last time I had seen it. For realtime tasks, the logic behind pushing and pulling of tasks looks pretty impressive..the cpu priority management by Gregory Haskins is nice, but overall, rt task load balancing is not yet is O(n). So as the number of processors increase, the latencies in scheduling a particular rt task would increase linearly...but this is a cool piece of code to work with ;-) Having fun!!

Workshop @ FOSSkriti '08

Will be conducting a workshop at Techkriti '08, a technical fest at IIT, Kanpur this weekend (16th). Workshop is a lab session on 'Introduction to the Linux kernel'...more details are here:

Also giving a talk on LinuxChix (an intro session) and would be representing LinuxChix at the fest! Loking forward to both my talks..and ofcourse, the trip! Got quite some travel :-)