Sunday, November 23, 2008

Learning new stuff

Last couple of months have been amazing in terms of the number of new things that I have done and learnt. As I had mentioned in one of my previous posts, started to learn to drive. It has been an awesome experience thus far. I also started indulging in quite a few sports activities. In my new apartment, there a couple of lawn tennis courts, table tennis facility and also an indoor badminton court. Had never played tennis before. Have been playing tennis with my _adda_ gang for a month now (mostly on Fridays)... and its super fun ! Boy, its an energy intensive game.. initially, had pain in my legs, hands and back.. but thankfully, that is no more the case. Sadly, I continue to be a below avg player :-( Its fun nevertheless. Table tennis is a cool game. Requires a lot of concentration. My brother has been an excellent coach, and I must say, over this weekend, have tremendously improved my tt skills. Now waiting for the pool tables and squash court to become operational.. so I could learn newer sports :-D

One observation though. No matter how hard I try, sports does not look like my thing ! Very poor learner (unlike my bro). However, no matter how I play, its fun and so I shall continue to play !!

Recently started learning python (yeah, I know am late, but better late than never). Was finding it increasingly difficult to manage without python and was realizing just how much one could make use of this wonderful language ! At the moment, playing around with writing a irc bot.. its cool!

Learning new things helps in breaking the monotony that sets in.. home to work and back home !

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