Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rendevouz with Paul McKenney

Paul McKenney needs no introduction. However, to mention briefly, he is the inventor and one of the implementors of Read-Cope-Update (RCU) synchronization mechanism, that is extensively used in the Linux kernel. Besides, he is a master inventor at IBM.

I had this wonderful opportunity to interact with him when he visited India in the second week of May. I had a total of 2 hours of 1-1 session with him...and to describe it briefly, it was simply wonderful!!

He has a wonderful personality. In spite of being where he is, he manages to come down to the level of his peers and involve everyone in the conversation. But his most striking characteristic is that he makes you THINK!! You have to be on your guard lest you be caught unawares ;-) Well, am just kidding, exaggerating.

For the technical discussions I had with him, he presented me with so many perspectives that I had not even thought off. Quite a lot to take from him! On the non-technical side, asked him about how he manages to be so productive. Quick came the response (which as expected is profound) -"Fluency and Effective Energy Management". Neat concept! Common sense, but a technique we fail to inculcate in us!

One thing I have to mention is that the discussion with him was extremely motivating...and the good thing is, to date it inspires me! I am just hoping it continues to stay with me in the years to come! Thanks Paul :-) If you reading the blog, sorry didn't take your permission to write about this...hope you have no complains ;-)


Allen Pais said...

Nice...i am sure it was interesting. Is you Article on RT Scheduler out??...if possible have it mailed to me. :-) *supercool*...makes me even more lazier now!!!

Anki said...

heya the article is not out yet..not submitted either! And not sure if I have the perms to distribute hold tight ;-) Thanks!

Allen Pais said...

will....and be patient :-)