Sunday, June 15, 2008

Movies..are they so important?

For folks who have known me for a long time, also know that I am not too much into movies, rather I must say that I am not all into movies :-) Not that I don't like watching movies, its more to do with me not being used to watching them! Its something that was not part of my up-bringing.

Why am I writing about this? Well, so Ozzy and Uttaran (my colleagues) were discussing movie as part of our usual afternoon \_/7 time. Both do not know me very well..and like everyone else beginning to know me, they too were quite shocked to find that I don't watch movies. They looked at me as though I was an alien and didn't belong there at all...not that their reaction surprised me (as am quite accustomed to such looks), but just made me ponder a bit. Hell broke lose when I told them that I have been to a theatre only about 3-4 times :-D. Are movies considered to be the most important source of entertainment these days? Are they such an integral part of our teenage lives ? Why am I looked at with such skepticism of even being a fun-loving person? I wouldn't want to believe it is true, but so far I have not met anyone (except one) who has made me feel otherwise ;-)

Ozzy, Uttaran, am not pointing anything at you guys! You guys are simply superb !! Just this question kept bugging me :-)


varun said...

I agree movie is not the most important thing...but you should have something constructive to do in you free time atleast!!! IAM not referring to your "talking" a lot :)

Anonymous said...

I watch movies primarily for three things:

1. To watch a story unfold
2. To see how people have come up with new ways of representing everyday things
3. Sheer fun

I am pretty choosy about the films I watch and prefer narratives a lot.

harsha said...

Hey, I think I can relate with this so much. It's not movies in my case, but its music. I guess even you are looking at me with a scorn now ;)

Anyways, I look at it this way. Atleast I am being who I am instead of .....

Anki said...

Varun, to each his own! some might find watching movies constructive, while some might not. so "constructive" is ofcourse an objective term :-)

Runa, I am not averse to watching movies..infact, I appreciate art and accept that movies are an art !! what i fail to understand is why the tag of not being a fun-loving person if you do not watch movies ?! maybe am being too critical here :)

Harsha, ofcourse am not looking at you with scorn..why should i ? i re-iterate, too each his own :-)

Anonymous said... i kinda feel like "Joey" in friends ..who comes across someone who "doesnt own a TV"...and he asks..."Whats all your furniture pointed at?"...
Hope that takes away some of the confusion:)...

Ranjan said...


I think
You are being a fun loving person is in no way dependent on the fact that you watch movies or not. And if you feel like that at times, either your feel a bit too conscious about yourself or the people whom you were actually , by mistake, which can definitely happen at times, without you knowing it ,might have given you that look.

On a general note, people in India are crazy about atleast one of the 2 things - Movies and Sports more specifically cricket.

At times most people are fans of both. Hence it just sounds strange that you haven't watched movies.

On a personal note, i love movies coz' its a medium of entertainment where it can take you to a different world for those few hours and makes you bond with those characters. Its a medium where different perspectives of great directors(at times not so great directors) are shared. It also, as you pointed out , generally starts with you as you grow up and in Bangalore one of the most favorite pastimes is definitely movies....coz its one of those common things that ppl can easily relate with .......

Ranjan said...

waiting for neo's comment as well!

Narayan said...

Movie - Over the years, movies have become an integral part of me. Watching many movies, discussing them with like minded people, living in awe of the directors who created them has become normal for me.
But are they so important?
To answer this question, I have to delve deep into the idea of watching a movie.
Why are you watching a movie?
Could be due to many reasons. You wish to catch up with friends, share those special moments, and you consider movie to be a refreshing ice breaker. Waiting in those long queues, running around for tickets, eating the pop-corn in the intermission, it all is a ritual for you. Apart from this, you would also enjoy the movie and the story in it. Discuss it for a while. Forget about it.
This is one way of dealing with movies.
The other way is about a deeper relationship with movies as an art. You don't really care if you watch the movie in a theater or on your computer, with many friends or just alone. You would want to know the story that the director conveys. You want to experience the movie to an extent that you feel to be a part of it. You get transported into the movie, you feel the atmosphere of the movie sink into you everytime you start watching one. It sets your mood for the next 2 hours and you will remember what the director did, what the actors did, and what dialogues were present for a long time to come. This of course will mean that you would be interested in serious movies rather than just superficial ones. But I won't be judgemental and will leave the choice upto you. The important point is that you live the movie.
It's only when you start going through the emotions of characters on the silver screen and feel a connection with them, that you start liking this experience.

Movies are nothing but a medium of learning. It's like a novel but sometimes more powerful - for it packs a punch in just 2 hours. 10 pages in a novel, trying to immerse you into a setting of hot, blistering sun in the middle of a desert; the protagonist trying to undo the evil magic of mirages and desperate for water - This is shown in a span of 2 minutes, thanks to the entire crew of the movie.
So, are they important. In some ways. Ask yourself, if novels are important. Don't they open up an entire world of knowledge to you? Movies are similar. No different.
But if you don't watch them, it doesn't mean you are not fun loving. It just means that you would be missing out on a medium of experience.
As I was taught in incessant rain during my training outbound, what you get after doing something is not learning, it's experience. Learning always comes later and is a latent process.

Hope I've given a different perspective to this question of yours.

Anki said...

Heya Neo,

That was a perfect 6 mark GRE essay ;-) Well, I totally agree with you on all counts, esp with what you said in the end about its the experience that one misses out on. Its just being looked at as _not_fun_loving_ person or considered as a person who _does_not_have_a_life_ part that gave rise to this thought.